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Hugh Ross vs Ken Ham – TBN Debate

Great debate concerning the origins issue.

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Aliens Come From Hell

A fascinating look into the Biblical view of fallen angels and the possibility of these daemonic entities creating ancient structures on the moon. Is this real NASA footage? Although it is extremely difficult to prove such claims, there is reason to believe that today we are very unaware of unknown technologies which may have existed before the flood in the days of Noah.

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Dead Men’s Secrets

George Gordon narrates Dead Men’s Secrets

“AMAZING SECRETS FROM LOST CITIES- TECHNOLOGY THAT VANISHED! Archaeologist Jonathan Graystumbled upon something that shocked him! … youwould call them “out of place”items.¿ And they weren’t just in oneplace.¿ There was a global pattern to them.This pattern showed a lost science and technology. That’s when he knew someone had to speakup. This content was of tremendousvalue. MACHINERY: Did you know that the Egyptians bored into granite rock with drills that turned 500 times faster than modern power drills? ANCIENT AMERICA: Did you know that a Chinese mapping survey of North America in 2200 BC described a sunrise over the Grand Canyon, black opals and gold nuggets in Nevada, and seals frolicking in San Francisco Bay? This isthe most amazing archaeology book you’ll EVER see!Dead Men’s Secrets is anassemblage of astonishing discoveries… A lost super science emerges from theseafloor, jungle and desert sands of the world… over 1,000 forgotten secrets.It will SHOCK you, SEE this world as you’ve never seen it before. DISCOVER answers you never had. GAIN a new enjoyment.HAVE FACTS at your fingertips toamaze your friends.”

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Creation vs Evolution



Creation vs Evolution.pdf


This article presents key information generally overseen or ignored by evolutionists. It supports intelligent design creationism which is the religious doctrine holding that the various types of life were instantly created by an outside intelligent designer, as in the way described in Genesis.

Although many scientists today accept evolution as somehow a proven fact or as an acceptable theory, as our understanding of the complexity of the living cell grows, this presumption becomes less reliable, less probable and less scientific. Many important scientists of the past and many still today, in all fields of science, adhere to the theory that life had to have been created instantly due to its irrefutable evidence of design, its irreducible complexity, and the impossibility of the contrary.

It is an important fundamental question in search of Man’s origins and should not be overlooked so haphazardly. Many Historians believe the philosophy of evolution has important routes to tyrannical empires and ideals such as Nazism, Communism, Uniformitarianism and Humanism. This illustrates its potential influence in our way of thinking as individuals and as a governing society.

The scientific aspect of this debate between creationism and evolution seems to stem around two major questions:

  • Can life arise from non life through naturalistic processes or was the living cell and its digital blue print pre-designed into existence ?
  • Can the underlying mechanisms of micro-evolution (variations within a genotype) be extrapolated to explain the scientific hypothesis of macro-evolution (major changes into different life forms)?

Scientifically you have two choices, either all the life forms on earth derived by Chance, or by Design. The scientific findings should not be swayed based by personal theological beliefs, but by logic, experience and probability models.

Atheistic evolutionists remove any outside Godly intervention and believe the first living cell was created purely by naturalistic processes, and over time evolved into all of the diverse plants and animals we see today. Theistic evolutionists believe a god created the first few distinctive life forms, most probably unicellular, which then followed the same pattern of evolution. Both these theologies lack any evidence in support of any possible naturalistic process to account for an increase in genetic complexity.

The Christian creationism point of view argues that the traditional God of the KJV bible did not require such subtle and slow processes, as He was more than capable of creating all the life on this planet instantly.

Micro evolution (variation within a type) is indeed scientific. It reveals that an offspring will have a mixed selection of its parents’ genetic material. The creationism point of view argues that the designer had the foresighted knowledge to create a gene pool which would allow for a wide variety of adaptations so that each ‘type’, if required, may speciate and adopt to different conditions, giving it a better chance of survival. This incredible design feature is one of the most powerful argument which demonstrates irrefutable evidence of design, and thus special creation. Although this in built design demonstrates God’s  merciful nature, the gene pool of ‘end of the line’ variants are always more limited and less able to adapt to future changes.

It seems life on this planet is actually suffering from a devolutionary process, i.e. a loss of genetic information over time. This clashes with evolutionary doctrine, which has been trying to convince the world our DNA is becoming more complex and intelligent. The second law of thermodynamics supports this destructive observation, as it explains that all things will always tend to disorder, thus information can only be lost not gained.

Macro evolution (Darwinian) suggests that a life form, over a long duration of time, can change into a relatively different type, through a process of genetic mutation and natural selection. It allows for a fish to turn into a reptile, or cow into a whale. If one extrapolates back far enough it reveals that the plant and animal kingdom shared a common ancestor.

Macro-Evolution is based on two faulty assumptions:

  • Genetic mutations make something new and better
  • Natural selection makes it survive and take over the population

DNA is a complex and precise sequencing of the four nucleotide bases (A, T, G, and C) existing in groups of three which stores and transmits the information necessary to build proteins. A gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. Mutations range in size from a single DNA building block (DNA base) to a large segment of a chromosome. There are several processes than can develop mutations; Mis-sense mutation,  Non-sense mutation, Insertions, Deletions, Duplications, Frame shifts and Repeat expansions.  This will always result in a frame of highly intelligent language becoming totally useless. Mutations are largely negative destructive influence which do not possess any creative power to account for all the marvels of the living world. Mutations are only trivial changes. They are merely the result of slightly altered genes, where as creative evolution demands the genesis of an entirely new complexity of genes.

Natural selection is a process in which the immediate natural surroundings favours or disadvantages living organisms based on specific phenotype characteristics, carefully noting that it has the mysterious ability to activate or deactivate favourable phenotype requirements (even within few generations). Natural selection is not a creative force, and does not grant organisms what they need outside of their genetic capacity. To a creationist, natural selection seems to be a very important mechanism to allow the continuation of a healthy population. This is indifferent to evolutionary teachings which proclaim that deviant speciation and death was the constructive mechanism which has enabled Man to exist from millions of years of micro evolutionary chances.

Unfortunately we have all become victims to the traditional “tree of life” diagrams, and the “geologic column” illustrations. These scientific attempts to reveal the origins of life is only a product of Man’s imagination. It is an oversimplified fraudulent misrepresentation of the complexity of living organisms.

Creationists believe that most of the worlds geological layering was formed due to a catastrophic hydro sorting process. Keeping in mind that fossilisation occurs under instant burial and pressure (requiring moisture, such as mud flows), the fossil record reflects nothing more than an entire ecology of trillions of organisms that were instantly buried in a world wide flood  catastrophe, the flood of Noah seems to fit this theory. So the fossil record as far as I can tell does not show any evidence of any evolution.

The arrangement of plant leafs also seems to support creation. Leafs are arranged on plant stems in two main ways. They may alternate as you go along the stem: left, right, left, right and so on. Or they may be opposite each other in pairs. You cannot have a ‘half opposite’, ‘half alternate’ arrangement. The fossil record of the plant world is also in favour of special creation.

Photosynthesis is an amazing design feature in the plant kingdom. Chlorophyll is the vital chemical for photosynthesis, which allows plants to obtain energy from light. Chlorophyll is a chlorin (green) pigment, which is structurally similar to porphyrin pigments such as heme. At the centre of the chlorin ring is an magnesium ion. This has various side chains, usually including a long phytyl chain. There are a few different forms that occur naturally

A problematic obstacle to evolutionary theory is the interdependent relationships between living things, called symbiosis, in which different forms of life depend on each other for survival. Symbiotic relationships is evident as we can observe animals and plants of different types cooperating for the benefit of both. Evolutionists call this co-adaptation presuming such relationships were established over time, but they have yet to come up with a plausible explanation of how such relationships could have evolved in stages.

The Bible reveals that the plants and animals were all made within a few days of each other, so symbiotic relationships is not a scientific problem for creationists. Such sophisticated relationships among diverse creatures shows an underlying intelligent design and forethought at work. Symbiotic relationships are clearly a great challenge to Darwinism, providing solid evidence of a Designer and Creator.

If life evolved from mineral deposits, then it must have occurred in a reducing atmosphere (without O2), because oxygen has had a higher driving force to oxidise any products in preparation for life. Evolutionists suggest that the primitive earth at the time of the birth of the first cell was very different from today’s atmosphere. Experiment have illustrated that the building blocks of a living organism simply could not be produced in any natural environment by random chance. If we assume a primitive atmosphere existed without oxygen, then you have no ozone layer and then the radiation from the sun would destroy any possible protein products anyhow. It seems clear that you cannot get life to evolve with or without oxygen.

There are simply too many independent conditions required to form the various basic living cell. Because of this reason, many scientists teach today that these chemical seeds of life existed already all over the Universe, and that life either found its way to Earth, or the chemistry for life did. This is known as the Panspermia theory. This would require an even bigger miracle when we consider the vast space domain and their respective probabilities of meeting in the right place at the right time.

The essential distinction one needs to be aware of is that a pattern is not a language unless it has intent. Since the digitally blue print (DNA) has very specific intention, then it must be treated as a language, which is evidence of a designer. Matter and energy can’t produce information alone, only patterns in accordance to the physical laws of the universe. DNA is without doubt the densest information storage mechanism in the universe.

During the process of DNA information transfer into useful proteins, introns are removed from RNA and only exons are transcribed into the mRNA. Many scientific critics jump at this opportunity to made the claim that this so called introns are junk DNA, thus vestiges of a past evolutionary cycle. It was assumed these introns were removed because they are apparently have no function purpose in producing proteins. In more recent times they have discovered that this so called junk DNA has a very important architectural role in the process of protein building.

An interesting question is, can a protein work its way backwards and some how effect the original DNA information. The answer is Yes. Retro viruses and diseases that can actually work their way back and alter your DNA. This is always harmful and known as genetically transmittable diseases. The destructive nature of this influence is a far cry from any possible positive intelligent evolutionary change.

Another  problem for evolutionists is the advancement from unicellular to multicellular life. Evolutionists would propose that a cluster of single cell organisms transformed into a complex organism unit over time, and some how individual cells became intelligent and specialised to perform unique functions. Just because we observe individual cells within a multicellular organism seemingly operating independently of each other, we can not presume the ancestor of these cells could exist outside of this closed system. The complexity of physiological systems denies evolutionary explanation.

Irreducible complexity has always being a biochemical challenge to evolutionists. Before biologists really understood the cell, they had a very simplistic model of its inner workings. Without the electron microscopes and other advanced techniques that now allow scientists to peer into the inner workings of the cell, it was assumed that the cells was a fairly simple blob of protoplasm. When we find irreducibly complexity at the molecular level, it infers biological design. Here are some examples; The living cell, Flagellum, ATP Mechanisms, The Eyes of the Lobster, Bones and Feathers.

Very specialised proteins are required to create DNA while specialised DNA genes are required to create these same proteins. There is no incremental way the cycle or protein production  can jump to its working function. Both systems required to be fully operational at the same time or else the system would fail instantly. The formation of proteins from DNA is a marvel of intelligent design in itself.

Evolutionists believe there is evidence to suggest cavemen can quality as scientific missing links to fit evolutionary theory. “Fossil evidence of human evolutionary history is fragmented and open to various interpretations. Fossil evidence of chimpanzee evolution is absent altogether” Return to the Planet of the Apes, Henry Gee. All the evidence has either being a fraudulent misrepresentation or normal Human Beings. There simple is no evidence that Man use to be a inferior caveman.

Evolutionists suggest that Man and Ape share common attributes and almost identical structural DNA due to common ancestry paths approximately 8 million years ago. Dr. Barney Maddox, the leading generic genome researcher, said, concerning these genetic differences: “Now the genetic difference between Human and his nearest relative, the chimpanzee is at least 1.6%. That doesn’t sound like much, but calculated out, that is a gap of at least 48,000,000 nucleotides…; there is no possibility of change.” Newest research reveals there is at least a 7.7% difference according to Nature Magazine, May 27, 2004. It is the view point of the creationist that these very similar structures and designs in many animals provides evidence of a common designer. Comparing DNA similarities simply does not support ancestral linkage. Comparing attributes on any level seems to support special creation.

These mathematical probabilities models clearly indicate we are dealing with more than natural intervention.
1)The probability Haemoglobin forming by chance Pr = 1 / 1×10^650

2)Harold Morowits estimated that a requirement of 1×10^100,000,000,000 interactions of baryons is required for the first cell to form. There simply is not enough time and matter for that many interactions to occur in our natural universe.

3)Sir Fred Hoyle, an evolutionists and an agnostic, calculated the chance of life from a chemistry aspect. He estimated the chances that over 2000 enzymes formed by change was  Pr = 1/1×10^40,000


Although the understanding of the natural world can be explained by looking in the natural world, this principle does not apply nor have the capacity to deal with origin questions. Many scientists will always believe that creationism is a theological argument and has no place in the science world, but it is not a religious statement to say that there must have being a creator. The fact that life on this planet exhibit an amazing inbuilt blue print information storage mechanism, and that the living cells reveals an unexplainable irreducible complexity defies evolutionary modelling.

If science deals with things that are testable, observable, and demonstrable then the theory of macro evolution fails. Man’s experience on this planet is witness to the simple understanding that dogs will always produce dogs, and apples will always seed apples. All kinds bring forth after their kind, as Genesis reveals. There is no logical reason to believe otherwise..

In conclusion; Genetic mutations are either harmful or at best neutral, natural selection is a very necessary quality control mechanism to allow the forwarding of healthy generations, the fossil record shows evidences of an instantaneous existence of an even larger variety of livings kinds, micro evolution is indeed scientific, the plant kingdom reveals incredible photosynthesis design, the whale does not show any evidence of evolution, symbiotic relationships deny evolutionary thinking, there is no evidence of a primitive earth, there are simply too many independent conditions required to form the various basic living cell, DNA reveals a complex language of information as opposed to a collection of random natural patterns, livings cells reveal an unexplainable irreducible complexity, junk DNA is not vestigial and reveals important architectural structure, multicellular organisms exhibit crucial dependant physiological requirements for homoeostasis, protein building factories are extremely complex and specialised, there is no convincing evidence that any cavemen could be considered a scientific missing links, and mammals such as Man and ape have many structural DNA similarities but that is as far as it goes.

Clearly life on this unique beautiful blue planet is a product of incredible intelligent design. He had a purpose, and we have an accountability.

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The Biblical view on UFOs, Demons & the Fallen angels

Video #1 The Prophecy Club – Demonic UFO’s

Paul Christopher reveals a demonic perspective regarding why UFO events are occurring worldwide. Also the amazing correlation as to why it is believed amongst Christian that these alien encounters are in fact the biblical fallen angels who were cast out of Heaven, more commonly known as demons.

Paul sheds some light on today’s new age religious movement and their relation to these false deities, referred to as great masters. He also makes the connection between the fallen angels and the false gods of the Old Testament. Paul investigates this demonic influence in today’s government and their plans for a new world global order.

Paul Christopher also dwells into the world of channelling, exposing the different levels and how the popular occult writings and doctrine were created through demonic trance channelling.

Video #2: Chuck Missler – Return Of The Nephilim

Chuck Missler examines the evidence behind the UFO phenomena and the biblical view. He investigates tangible evidence relating to the 1947 Roswell incident and the Rendlesham Forrest incident in England in 1980. One very important discovery from the two top respected UFO researches who conclude that these aliens are not intergalactic, but in fact demonic.

Chuck Missler reveals numerous astronaut testimonies of UFO sightings and some key evidence into the mysterious Crop circles appearances. Also a very mysterious aspect of the bible regarding who the Nephilim are, and their connection with mythology.

Other topics he covers are; the possibility of the return of these Nephilim in the end times, the stratagems of Satan, the nature of Angels and the abundant claims of alien abductions

These videos are a must see for all Christians to understand the biblical warnings and for those who are blindly following new age religions

Video #1

Video #2

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The Discovery of Noah’s Ark

This is simply a summary of some of the interest points from the documentary “The Discovery of Noah’s Ark” produced in 1993 written by G. Edward Griffin, regarding the finding and analysis of the boat shaped object found in Mount Ararat.


The story of Noah’s flood has been found in over 200 world wide legends, many of which have religious overtones. The oldest writings of this flood story dates back to Sumer back in the fertile crescent.

Stories of the history of man were written on clay tablets and spread throughout the ancient world.

The story of the flood were among these, found on the 11th tablet in Sumer within the story of  “The epic of Gilgamesh”. In this epic Noah’s name is given as UTNAPISHTIM although the story is very similar to that of the bible, even mentioning the releasing of birds to find land.



For over 100 years man searched over the glaciers of mount Ararat searching for St Jacobs Arc.
Many fraudulently brought back pieces of wood proclaiming they had found it, others took photos which mysteriously disappeared.

The commonly known object that could be Noah’s arc was discovered in 1948 by a Mr Rashid. After 38 years David Fasold located Mr Rashid. David Fasold is the author of the book “The Ark of Noah”. Rashid said in 1948 there was a series of earthquakes that exposed the arc. Before these earthquakes it was flat ground. There where three earthquakes within 10-15 days. From the first, the object appeared. The second, the arc came up higher. The first, the object took the shape we find today.

In 1958 it was accidentally photographed from the air by a Turkish pilot working on a government map making programs. This object could not be a naturally formed object. An expedition was organized to investigate this.


Ron Wyatt in 1977, an amateur archaeologist inspected the site with a medal detector. Man made alloys from soil samples were detected indicating it was a man made object.

The neighboring village close to the site next to Kazan found ancient anchor stones. This village is 6000 feet above our current sea level and 2000 miles from nearest ocean. These Anchor stones weighed up to 20,000 pounds each and bear carvings of early Christian symbols.



Above: Anchor stone with early Christian carvings


In June 1985 David Fasold returned with other scientists. Three types of metal detectors were used to obtain 1000s of readings from what appeared to be the remains iron fittings. Molecular frequency generator discriminator found longitudinal patterns beans of structure in geometric patterns.


David returned the following year with ground penetrating ground unit.  It is used to identify subsurface formations. The findings supported the claim of beans and formations under the surface.

Although it is common to portray Noah’s arc as a rectangular boat shaped object, the formation that lays in the mountain of Ararat appears  to have been shaped like the Egyptian boats that sailed the Nile. These tapered boats are much more stable so its believed the arc may have looked like this.


It is believed a moon pool was used to serve many useful function; as a break, rain water could have been diverted through this moon pool, the rising/falling of waves in the pool would have functioned as a ventilating system and it also can be used to relieve stress of the ship when riding high waves.

Mr Griffin’s final conclusion on the matter is:

There is no way to know with 100% certainty if it is in fact the Arc build by Noah in the biblical stories.
What we can conclude is that:

  • It is a man made object
  • It was designed as a boat
  • It incorporates principals of higher mathematics and sophisticated knowledge of hydrodynamics
  • It is proper dimension and volume for the arc of Noah
  • It is in the proper geographical location
  • It is accompanied by anchor stones at an appropriate size
  • It is in an area that for 1000′s of years was visited by religious pilgrims
  • It is surrounded by mountains and villages that carry names from antiquity related to the arcs landing
  • It is consistent with other flood legends from Sumer, the Torah and the Old Testament

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Thermodynamics and Creation

Fantastic explanation why the laws of thermodynamics “freezes” the theory of macro-evolution from its roots.
Watch Episode 1/8 here.

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Great short Creation-Evolution debate

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Evidence the bible’s date of the flood is correct

The bible teaches us the flood in the days of Noah happened approximately 4400 years ago. Is there any evidence to support this date? Here are afew facts that I believe support this date.

  • In 1999 the worlds population passed the 6 billion mark. In 1800 there was approximately 1 billion. In the days of Jesus the world’s population was close to ¼ of a billion. It looks like the worlds population growth curve started around 4400 years ago.


  • The earliest civilizations are generally recognized for having started in whats known the fertile crescent. These been Egypt, Babylon and Assyria. These date back to approximately 4000-4500 years ago.  The land of Sumer is known as one of these earliest civilizations. The oldest written language found has been Sumerian.
  • The Sahara Desert has been studied carefully. It has been dated at 4000 years old based on its growth rate.

  • When it rains, 30% of the water runs back into our oceans carrying mineral salts. Today our oceans are 3.6% salt, this could have been reached within 5000 years.
  • Oil is under incredible pressure below earth. The weight of rocks is not sufficient to keep the oil under ground for more than 10,000 years. All coal seams and oil deposits were created by the animals and plants that were buried during this flood. At least the flood must have accord within the last 10,000 years.

  • The oldest trees on the planet ring date to a maximum of 4300 years old. Some include the bristle cone pine.


  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. Growth studies show the reef is less that 4200 years old.

These factors are scientific predictions that validates the biblical date of the flood in the days of Noah. There simply is no scientific reason to reject this finding.

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Proof of Noah’s Flood

Several years ago I visited the small opal mining town called Coober Pedy, It’s approx 230 miles from the nearest ocean.


It was an exciting experience mining for opals in deep mines. The “experts” will tell you it takes millions of years for opal to form, but some of us know better. Every where you walked you could find small opal rocks and very small thin pieces of opal sea shells along the ground which was very strange.


While down there friends took me to a place called the breakaways which is an area of small mountains about 10 miles out of town.



Along the ground every 20-50 meters there were large clusters of fossilized sea shells (in the closed position). What on earth were they doing here almost in the middle of Australia, next to a desert? The locals explained millions of years ago the sea ran through this area, and since then they have dried up leaving evidence of this ocean. At the time it was believable. I wish I knew then what I did now about Noah’s universal flood.

A lot of these fossils where formed within small rock structures, how amazing.

To find fossil sea shells so far out from sea, in the closed position is evidence that the entire of Australia was once covered by ocean. Proof to me Noah’s flood did exist and did cover the entire earth.

Photos of my fossilized sea shells found at the Breakaways f2



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