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Speed Camera Court Application (please read)

All Donations Appreciated

Dear Australians
We being the Community Law Resource Group are planning an application
into the Federal Court of Australia, asking the court to declare that
the State Police Forces, Australia wide, bring all their speed detecting
devices into the National Measurement Institute, which is located in
each capital city, for certification and that all operators of these
devices be accordingly trained in the use of these devices according to
Commonwealth law being the National Measurments Act 1960 (Cth).
This sort of action costs money and we are asking for people to
contribute to the legal costs. We will be submitting all collected money
into a trust account under the control of the Barrister who will be
representing the case. We have a adequate amount of evidence and
witnesses to bring this case into the courts so it will not be a waste
of court time.

We need generous contributions and all contributors will have upon
registration a good chance on our expected success on a full refund at
the conclusion of the matter with an outlook to force the States to
comply with Commonwealth law.

All contributors please log onto
with your contact details so we can organise payment methods and a valid
receipt. If you cannot logon to the website then please ring the
chairman of the Community Law Resourse Group, Darryl O’Bryan on 0407 341
Evil Prevails when Good People do nothing.

Kind Regards
Darryl O’Bryan


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Freedom to Facism

Who is taking away our God given freedom?

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