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I Declare I’m Free! Bill Turner

Bill Turner, does an admirable job explaining:

  • What a Birth Certificate is
  • What Summary Judgement really means
  • Claiming your Inheritance
  • How to Lien your Birth Certificate
  • Using PPSA as Public Notice
  • The Deception of Public Trustees
  • The Corporate Trinity
  • What is a Warrant
  • Maxims of Law
  • Who is the Crown
  • What True Sovereignty means

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For We are Young and Free

A few interesting key points :

  • The purpose of the Law is the protection of individual rights and freedoms
  • Government is claiming to be public masters not public servants
  • Australian Citizens are no longer recognised as British subjects, which would destroy our Imperial laws/rights.
  • The Australian Act 1986 enacted Australia as a separate nation from England, and changed the heads of the Constitution. Such a change required a referendum, thus is illegal and Ultra Vires.
  • The true function of the court is to interpret and apply the law correctly, provide justice and support the separation of powers in our nation, but today the court is only acting as an executive instrument to safe guard their revenue to pay their own salaries.

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Waiver Benefit Privilege – Winston Shrout

An interesting method to waive/reject fines.


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Interesting Court Case: Rumbel v Liverpool Council

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Constitutional Law Video Seminar (July 2010 Ashburton)

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Constitutional Law Video Seminar (2011 Ashburton)

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Constitutional Law Video Seminar (November 2011 Darnum)

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A Short Lesson in Public Law

The following information is based on my own research and knowledge of our Australian Law. The author and publisher disclaim all liabilities in connection with the use of this information Under the public benefit social security scheme, citizens may be subrogating their common law rights. It is the responsibility of all individuals to understand their contracts within the public system.

The Sovereign electors confirmed in the 1984 referendum (Question 2) that the power of the State CANNOT override Commonwealth Law. This protection also confirmed in s109 of the Australian Constitution. This makes the Australian Act 1986 null and void and any State Parliamentary Act that stems from the Australian Act also of no effect to a Sovereign Subject. The creation of Public Law in Australian must conform to section 58 of the Commonwealth Constitution, requiring Royal assent to all proposed Bills. This instruction, procedure and process cannot be compromised. In effect, the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic), and the Infringement Act 2006 (Vic), both absent of Royal assent, are without doubt foreign private acts, and unenforceable in the Public, unless by the expressed consent of the Sovereign Subject.

An Act with Royal assent will begin with:

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly of Victoria in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same as follows (that is to say):

A Private (non public) act will begin with:

The Parliament of Victoria enacts as follows:

The same legal logic applies to our court systems. All MAGISTRATE Courts operating in Australia, are acting as private courts, as a private commercial arbitration, as a star chamber court (as defined under Habeas Corpus), as a court under limited jurisdiction. No MAGISTRATE court will exercice “their” private courts under Federal Juristiction as their private state Magistrate Courts Act 1989 Sec100 (2) has removed this public right, for their own protection. This is in direct violation with Sections s71 (all State courts to operate under Federal Juristiction) and s80 (Trial by Jury) Commonwealth Constitution. In effect they are unfit to exercise any jurisdiction in any matter either civil or criminal, without the expressed consent of the Sovereign Subject.

In conclustion, any and all attempts to contract prejudicial to a Chapter III Constitutional (Public) Court is VOID.

Furthermore, any and all MAGISTRATE courts cannot produce a Commonwealth Court Order affixed with the Royal Public Seal Identifier as required under the Evidence Act 1958 (Victoria) Section 78 and Evidence Act (Commonwealth) Section 150 and 151, to demonstrate any civil or criminal conviction. Public law under s12 of the Bill or Rights requires a Conviction before a fine can be issued. These actions are both a breach of contract for failure to provide consideration, and an attempt to pervert justice under s43 of the Crimes Act 1914 (CTH).

All Sovereign Subjects must expressively deny being subject to the jurisdiction of any and all Acts of Law which have not received Royal assent, deny being any kind of Citizen, and deny being subject to any and all commercial legislative tribunals under limited jurisdiction, or anything of like character.

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Speed Camera Court Application (please read)

All Donations Appreciated

Dear Australians
We being the Community Law Resource Group are planning an application
into the Federal Court of Australia, asking the court to declare that
the State Police Forces, Australia wide, bring all their speed detecting
devices into the National Measurement Institute, which is located in
each capital city, for certification and that all operators of these
devices be accordingly trained in the use of these devices according to
Commonwealth law being the National Measurments Act 1960 (Cth).
This sort of action costs money and we are asking for people to
contribute to the legal costs. We will be submitting all collected money
into a trust account under the control of the Barrister who will be
representing the case. We have a adequate amount of evidence and
witnesses to bring this case into the courts so it will not be a waste
of court time.

We need generous contributions and all contributors will have upon
registration a good chance on our expected success on a full refund at
the conclusion of the matter with an outlook to force the States to
comply with Commonwealth law.

All contributors please log onto
with your contact details so we can organise payment methods and a valid
receipt. If you cannot logon to the website then please ring the
chairman of the Community Law Resourse Group, Darryl O’Bryan on 0407 341
Evil Prevails when Good People do nothing.

Kind Regards
Darryl O’Bryan


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