Did Jesus really live? If so did he really die on the Cross?

The OT was a testimony to the anticipation of a Messiah who was going to be “cut off” from the world to save the world from their sins. Many of the OT prophets wrote of this. Many people simply claim Jesus was not a real Man, or there was no crucifixion event. If the disciples did not witness that Christ had resurrected, then they would have known Jesus was an impostor. The death on the Cross was one of the most important prophecies. Most people do not know that Jesus had to fulfill approximately 300 prophecies that were penned in the Old testament which give us detailed events proclaiming the Messiah’s place of his birth, the manner of his birth, his betrayal and the manner of his death and his resurrection. End result; they were fulfilled.

Two pieces of historical evidence that Jesus died:

Tacitus, the roman historian writings in 115AD, speaks about Nero’s persecuting of the Christians in the year 46AD, stating; “Christus…was executed at the hands of the procurator Pontius Pilate in the reign of Tiberius’.

The Talmud (Jewish traditions from the 3rd century) says “on the eve of the Passover they hanged Jeshu of Nazareth”


It is also a misunderstanding to believe the true Bible was written my Man. More correctly, it was penned by Man, but its true author was the Holy Spirit. Christians know this to be true as witnesses to the word.

Westcott and Hort, who are known as the Fathers of modern Bible versions, were known to not believe in the deity of Christ, so it is logical why the mount sinaiticus and alexandrian codex where in error to purposely pervert the modern bibles such as NIV and RV.

“There are over 5,300 (5,309 to be exact) existing manuscripts of the Scriptures which make up the Majority Texts (Textus Receptus)”, which is where the KJV bible comes from, and you believe this copy of this unknown perverted bible which states Jesus was not crucified going to destroy a man’s faith?

We are not here to attack persons or anyone’s heart, but we are as Christians are suppose to peacefully proclaim correct doctrine.

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