Does the Bible say we should obey Government?

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.”  (Romans 13:1)
“Remind them to be subject to government and those in authority…” (Titus 3:1)
“Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake…” (1 Peter 2:13)

These, and other Scriptures, make it appear that it is everyone’s duty and obligation to obey those ‘in authority’, i.e. those in government.

But…is it really so?

It’s important that the whole portion of Scripture is read before drawing conclusions on such important matters.   
For example, by further reading Romans 13:3 to 4, we see that the government to be obeyed refers to GODLY government.
When an authority or government follows Biblical principals, there would be no reason not to obey their laws and instructions for it would then be based on God’s laws and instructions.    

In Titus 3, we need to read further to verse 3 to learn that Paul is telling us to be tolerant of our leaders since we, ourselves, are often foolish, intolerant and subject to mistakes.    However, being tolerant does not mean we should continually suffer because of the vices and mistakes of others and, if the leaders refuse to amend their ways to Godly ways, they should be removed from their positions of trust.

In 1 Peter 2:13, the inference is similar to the above, that we should have no fear of accepting the lead of righteous rulers.

It was never God’s plan for men to be subject to tyranny.   

When Satan sinned, he was cast out of Heaven (2 Peter 2:4; Revelation 12:9).
Being thus cast out, and by the temptation and fall of Adam, he gained possession of the earth (Genesis 3) and became the god and prince of this world.  
The wonderful inheritance that was originally given to Adam has now passed over into the possession of Satan, until it shall be redeemed by Christ at His second advent.
Sinful man, therefore, is Satan’s lawful captive and in this condition man is represented as a prisoner.
As Satan’s prisoners, we, including the rulers and leaders of governments, are all subject to his evil influence.   One way or another, simply because of who is prince of this world, ALL human government is subject to errors and corruption.   
Whatsoever is corrupt is not of God, for He is incorruptible.
The mission of Jesus was, and is, to destroy and remove the work of this enemy – the ruler of this world.
Therefore, we should revise our opening question to:-


The answer is:- Only if that government is a GODLY government.
Unfortunately, there are no Godly governments today, thus ALL human laws are flawed.   
You say: “A murderer gets convicted and dealt with because of our laws, therefore man’s laws are good.”
I say: “Murder contravenes God’s Sixth Commandment, therefore it is God’s law, not man’s law.”
You say: “Speeding motorists who get caught rightly pay the penalty, therefore man’s laws are good.”
I say: “Define ‘speeding’.   God has made no provision for ‘speeding’ but He has made great provision for responsibility.   People, especially children, have been killed by vehicles hitting them at 5kph or less, therefore ‘speeding’, alone, does not kill anyone whereas carelessness or recklessness might.   Man’s laws on speeding, therefore, are flawed.”
You say: “People that don’t vote at elections are fined for not helping determine government, therefore man’s laws are good.”
I say: “God does not approve of men choosing men (or women) to rule over them.   Christians should not vote to elect pagan rulers to govern them, therefore man’s laws are discriminatory and flawed.”
And, similarly, all laws can be so determined.   

Australian government, for many years now, has been visibly corrupt and it’s also clear that it’s been progressively removing basic Christian ideals from all education programs, thereby leading the people to a form of paganism.

It is a Common Law principle (Common Law was originally based on common sense) that man’s laws (Statute laws) must not contravene God’s Laws.

Once a government begins to deliberately lead people away from the word of God, it is signifying its intent to do away with, or nullify, the Laws of God.

From what we discern from the Scriptures, Jesus appeared to do all that was necessary to avoid conflict with the prevailing rulers and laws of the time.              
We, therefore, should try to do the same.

Nevertheless, on two Passover occasions, Jesus forcibly removed merchants and money-changers from the Temple area (Mark 11:15 and John 2:15).   There are possible aspects of violence in Jesus’ act (by the making of a small whip and overturning the many tables) which, by today’s standards, could easily invoked police interference.   
Jesus also declined to pay tributes, i.e. taxes (Luke 23:2).
Such acts would certainly have contravened either the Jewish or Roman laws of the day and yet Jesus found it justifiable to ignore certain laws when they contravened the rights and/or sanctity of people or property, especially property dedicated to God.

(i)    Australian law includes innumerable laws inherited from British Common Law.
(derived from common sense).    One of these laws is the right, for Protestants, to bear arms (weapons) suitable for self defence.   (You will recall that Peter used a small arm weapon to defend Jesus when the Romans came to arrest Him.)   Recently, the Australian government instituted a law to prohibit the possession of most forms of weapons, even for self defence.   Such a law is null and void, making it quite within a person’s right to ignore that law.   We must take into account, however, the ignorance of the responsible authorities (i.e. police) to comprehend this fact and, because of their ignorance, could use lethal force against you to uphold that unjust law.      
(ii)    Another Common Law right prevents anyone from being penalized until actually proven guilty of the offence.   By stealth, the government has tried to hide this right (and various other rights) in order to penalize people, almost at will.   Such laws are also null and void.
(iii)    Again, by stealth, the government is leading the population into a Socialist and Godless regime that is intended to result in dictatorship.   That Christians would allow or accept such a brazen heresy is yet another sign of Satan’s influence on humanity.   God- fearing Christians should reject such laws.

Through fear, tradition, default, habit, ignorance, or for any other reason, most people conform to whatever the governments of the world dictate.
Non-conformists are generally classified as radicals, fools, heretics, and worse.
All worldly governments enforce conformity at every opportunity in order to maintain the status quo, i.e. their own positions of power and control.
The Bible, however, tells us, “And be not conformed to this world…” (Romans 12:2.)
No-one can be ‘saved’ by conforming to whatever this world has to offer, whether of material things or the dictates and laws of governments.
Of course we will.   It was for non-compliance of corrupt Jewish or Romish laws that most of the Apostles were imprisoned or executed.    Paul, in particular, did not conform to this world and its corrupt (man-made) State policies.   
Neither should any other true followers of Jesus.
‘Fear’ is the bludgeon of the State but it is written, “The Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do to me” (Hebrews 13:6).

In a ruling Christian government, people should obey the established laws and could expect to benefit immeasurably by doing so.   (The writer knows of no Christian governments, anywhere in the world, today.)

In a non-Christian ruling government (as we have in Australia, today), people ought to abide by those laws that do not conflict in any way with God’s Laws.   There are not many!
On the other hand, when any laws lead people away from God and where they deliberately prevent people from exercising their God-given rights, these ought to be totally rejected.

Ultimately, it must be accepted that RIGHT is right and WRONG is wrong.
The things we know to be right or wrong are those things explained to us through the word of God.   
Jeremiah explains this to us at 31:33:  the Law (i.e. God’s Law, especially the Ten Commandments) is written into the hearts of those who belong to God.   

Those who are not God’s children follow laws of a different nature.  These are laws of States (i.e. man-made) and are called ‘Statutes’.

Christians should always remain alert to those laws which are not only blatantly wrong (as mentioned under ‘Situations’) but to those laws which are morally wrong, and use their God-given discretion in opposing such wrong laws.

It should also be remembered that the true and correct government of Australia rests with the People!    The so-called parliament/government is merely the visible representation of the will of the People!
Think — does this representative parliament/government dutifully obey the will of the People?
No, it clearly does not!
It is totally corrupt and God’s people are not required to conform to it.
If everyone understood the principles of ‘good government’, they would eliminate the existing system without delay or compromise.   That they do not understand the principles is the very reason why the system is so bad and rapidly becoming worse.


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