The Discovery of Noah’s Ark

This is simply a summary of some of the interest points from the documentary “The Discovery of Noah’s Ark” produced in 1993 written by G. Edward Griffin, regarding the finding and analysis of the boat shaped object found in Mount Ararat.


The story of Noah’s flood has been found in over 200 world wide legends, many of which have religious overtones. The oldest writings of this flood story dates back to Sumer back in the fertile crescent.

Stories of the history of man were written on clay tablets and spread throughout the ancient world.

The story of the flood were among these, found on the 11th tablet in Sumer within the story of  “The epic of Gilgamesh”. In this epic Noah’s name is given as UTNAPISHTIM although the story is very similar to that of the bible, even mentioning the releasing of birds to find land.



For over 100 years man searched over the glaciers of mount Ararat searching for St Jacobs Arc.
Many fraudulently brought back pieces of wood proclaiming they had found it, others took photos which mysteriously disappeared.

The commonly known object that could be Noah’s arc was discovered in 1948 by a Mr Rashid. After 38 years David Fasold located Mr Rashid. David Fasold is the author of the book “The Ark of Noah”. Rashid said in 1948 there was a series of earthquakes that exposed the arc. Before these earthquakes it was flat ground. There where three earthquakes within 10-15 days. From the first, the object appeared. The second, the arc came up higher. The first, the object took the shape we find today.

In 1958 it was accidentally photographed from the air by a Turkish pilot working on a government map making programs. This object could not be a naturally formed object. An expedition was organized to investigate this.


Ron Wyatt in 1977, an amateur archaeologist inspected the site with a medal detector. Man made alloys from soil samples were detected indicating it was a man made object.

The neighboring village close to the site next to Kazan found ancient anchor stones. This village is 6000 feet above our current sea level and 2000 miles from nearest ocean. These Anchor stones weighed up to 20,000 pounds each and bear carvings of early Christian symbols.



Above: Anchor stone with early Christian carvings


In June 1985 David Fasold returned with other scientists. Three types of metal detectors were used to obtain 1000s of readings from what appeared to be the remains iron fittings. Molecular frequency generator discriminator found longitudinal patterns beans of structure in geometric patterns.


David returned the following year with ground penetrating ground unit.  It is used to identify subsurface formations. The findings supported the claim of beans and formations under the surface.

Although it is common to portray Noah’s arc as a rectangular boat shaped object, the formation that lays in the mountain of Ararat appears  to have been shaped like the Egyptian boats that sailed the Nile. These tapered boats are much more stable so its believed the arc may have looked like this.


It is believed a moon pool was used to serve many useful function; as a break, rain water could have been diverted through this moon pool, the rising/falling of waves in the pool would have functioned as a ventilating system and it also can be used to relieve stress of the ship when riding high waves.

Mr Griffin’s final conclusion on the matter is:

There is no way to know with 100% certainty if it is in fact the Arc build by Noah in the biblical stories.
What we can conclude is that:

  • It is a man made object
  • It was designed as a boat
  • It incorporates principals of higher mathematics and sophisticated knowledge of hydrodynamics
  • It is proper dimension and volume for the arc of Noah
  • It is in the proper geographical location
  • It is accompanied by anchor stones at an appropriate size
  • It is in an area that for 1000′s of years was visited by religious pilgrims
  • It is surrounded by mountains and villages that carry names from antiquity related to the arcs landing
  • It is consistent with other flood legends from Sumer, the Torah and the Old Testament

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  1. Putu says on :

    Oh Jesus, beautiful!

  2. Renato Clendenen says on :

    Very nice post. I just stopped by by your website and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed checking your posts. Any way, I’ll be subscribing to your feed and also I’m hoping you post again soon!

  3. jocelyn says on :

    neat!!! i wish i could see that in person!
    but… would’nt that have all like, rotted away by now?

  4. Spencer Jones says on :

    I also see postings of “compelling evidence” of a ship on Mt Ararat itself. I know the bible gives the account of only one ship, but what is the possibility that there were two ships, with Noah, one son and their wives in one, and his other two sons and their wives in the other? I would think they would need a considerable about of food for the animals for the voyage, but also for after the voyage, as well as seed to be planted. I find it hard to believe everything that needed to last for quite possibly a year (plants had to have time to grow and mature after the flood and after the ground dried enough to not drown the seeds) could all be crammed into one ship.

    Like I said, the bible only gives an account of one ship, but that account was written by Moses over a thousand years later based on stories handed down over generations, and some details may have been altered – such as the specific number of ships. Often times we hear of ships doing certain things during a war, but no mention of the other ships in the group contributing to the mission.

    Just sayin’

  5. admin says on :

    Many seem to argue that the Bible has being altered through time. This is a very complicated issue. Understanding where our Bible comes from, and why there are so many different variants, and who and why these other perverted versions exist is a fascinating issue. I do believe the KVJ is derived from the correct source, and I believe God is more than capable of preserving his Word, as long as we are aware that grammar / language and meanings of words can change. The Flood was a major Biblical event and the messages and warnings are more important than the details, but websites like have a few interesting videos and articles concerning the arc and discusses different issues and questions. You might find some answers there concerning food requirements etc. I have never heard of anyone talk about the possibility of two arcs. The arc in turkey is probably not Noah’s arc as it is not in the right place, but still a very interesting discovery. I have watched interesting debates concerning ‘who wrote Genesis’ and the general agreement is that Moses was not the author. Genesis was most likely was written by 10 different authors using 4 different styles, Moses being the editor. So the Genesis accounts were all eye witness accounts, chapters 1-2:4 written by God Him self, which is an amazing discovery. The phrase “these are the generations of..” seem to outline a new author in Genesis.
    Thanks for your comments.

  6. stephen botkins says on :

    Praise the lord who have made all things & without him nothing was made that was made heaven & earth shall pass away but my word shall stand forever to god be the glory forever acts 2: 38 we must be born of the water & of the spirit to enter the kingdom of god

  7. Diane LIndsey says on :

    If God desired the Arc to never be found, then it would not have been. Notice the earthquakes uncovered the Arc. It is easier to believe it isn’t Noahs Arc than to believe that it is, But how likely would it be that the measurements of Noahs Arc instructed by God would be the same measurements as the find. The physical truth of the Arc. Show the proof of God. I feel so sorry for those who do not know him. For the fall of the world will happen again.

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