Dietry Health: What to Consume


A diet that contains an abundance of legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables will supply a superb blend of nutrients.

In order of most valuable food sources, eat :

2.Nuts & seeds
3.Fortified vegetable proteins such as soy milk
4.Vegetables and greens
5.Fruits (fresh, dried and juiced)
6.Grains and breads (whole grains)


There is a wide variety of legumes on the market — both dried and canned. The main types are; Adzuki beans, Anasazi beans, Black beans, Black-eyed peas, Chickpeas, Green soybeans, soy nuts, Fava beans, Lentils, Lima beans, Red kidney beans, Shoots like Alfalfa and even peanuts. Legumes should be the most important food staple in everyones diet. Legumes provide the world’s largest source of vegetable protein, most are low fat and have a low glycaemic index (GI). Legumes are high in both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, are high in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium and are a good source of B-complex vitamins such as thiamine, niacin and folate. Legumes contain a rich amount of phyto-estrogen which is know to have a powerful and large variety of health benefits. Phyto-estrogen incredibly helps with aging diseases, menopausal symptoms, cancers, and heart/vascular diseases. They are super anti carcinogens. Phyto-estrogens block the growth of skin cancer cells and make bone dissolving osteoclasts less active. Other food sources of interest that are high in phyto-estrogen are, green vegetables, cabbage, licorice and ginger.


Nuts and seeds contain the most nutritional essential oils in the food kingdom. Researchers found that people who eat nuts regularly have lower risks of heart disease. In 1996, the Iowa Women’s Healthy Study found that women who ate nuts 4+ times a week were 40% less likely to die of heart disease. Nuts and seeds are rich in fiber, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and selenium. Nuts are also high in plant sterols and fat – but mostly mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 – the good fats) which have all been shown to lower cholesterol. Some nuts and seeds possess beneficial properties that can help stabilize moods, improve memory, relieve insomnia and slow the aging process.

A special family of nuts contains a very important new vitamin scientists have called Vitamin B17. This group is know as the Prunus family and includes; apples, bitter almonds, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach and plum. The component in these seeds is called a nitriloside and contains one molecule of cyanide. The molecule found in these seeds are totally inert in the body, until they encounter a cancer protein. Patients with cancer who choose nutritional therapy have a much better survival rate that those who undergo conventional therapy. Cancer can not survive in the a body of a person that consumes apricot seeds.


Soy milk is a healthier substitute for dairy milk with lots of health benefits. Soy milk is high in plant protein that will cause less loss of calcium through the kidneys, and as explained earlier animal and dairy protein creates a higher risk for bone loss and osteoporosis. Soybeans are unique among the legumes because they are a concentrated source of isoflavones. Its biggest benefit is the isoflavones (phyto-estrogen) which as discussed earlier help in the prevention of many cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases. Each cup of soy milk contains about 20 mg isoflavones (mainly genistein and daidzein). Although Soy milk isn’t fat-free, it’s oils are mono-unsaturated and therefore very healthy and also reduces cholesterol. Soy milk has only about a quarter of the calcium, compared to cow’s milk but remember only 25% of cow’s milk is absorptive let alone the loss of calcium associated with the high acid load milk and dairy has on the body. Soy protein can reduce the risk of rectum and bowel cancer by 86%. Fermented soy products is a great source of Vitamin B12 . Soy milk is free of the milk sugar (lactose) and is a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Soy milk and soy protein shakes is a the logical health alternative to cow’s milk.


There are thousands of different types of fruit available to eat, all of which provide us with strong health benefits. Fruit helps to regulate your body’s digestive process. Fruits are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate (folic acid), vitamins C, A and E which are important anti-oxidants, protecting your body from the damage caused by free radicals. A 2006 study showed that people who drank fruit or vegetable juices more than three times a week were 76 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who drank juice less than once a week. It may also help prevent other deteriorating conditions of the brain. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet may; reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, reduce risk for type 2 diabetes, protect against certain cancers such as mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer. Fruits that contain supreme anti-oxidants include; Strawberries, plums, oranges, red grapes, kiwis and bananas. It has been recommended that we should be eating at least 5 pieces of fruit every day in order to gain the full health benefits of eating fruit.


It is important to eat more raw vegetables than cooked when possible. Our bodies are designed to thrive on raw vegetables. Cooking foods destroys the nutritional values in foods and we may develop many deficiency disease as a result. Eating a varied diet that consists of mainly raw food will ensure that you get lots and lots of nutrients into your body. Important vegetables that contain powerful preventative antioxidants are; Kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, alfa-alfa, broccoli and celery. Most important group of vegetable families are Cruciferous (kale, collard greens, cabbage, brussel sprout, kohlrabi, broccoli, broccoflower, cauliflower), Umbelliferous (cumin, parsley, carrot, coriander/cilantro, dill, caraway, fennel, parsnip, celery, Celery), Solanaceous (tomato, eggplant, potato, chili, peppers, capsicum, beets ) and Squash family (pumpkin, Acorn, Ambercup, Autumncup, Butternut, Carnival squash).

In studies, women who ate spinach and other greens at least twice a week had an 18 percent lower risk of cataract surgery than women who consumed them less than once a month. Also studies show men who ate broccoli more than twice a week had a 23 percent lower risk of cataract surgery than men who consumed broccoli less than once a month. Tomato juice stimulates food metabolism and reduces the risk of prostate cancer in Men. Vegetable juices deliver another important group of nutrients, know as enzymes. Enzymes are a key factor for your overall body health. Enzymes enable the digestion, absorption and conversion of food into body tissue. Enzymes are also essential for the production of energy at the cellular level, and are known to prevent cell damage. A raw food diet creates major improvements in health. One very obvious improvement resulting from a raw food diet is in the digestive system. Vegetables provide an alkaline residue which reduces the risk of uric acid crystallization in the urine. Lutein, a carotenoid pigment found in broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables, is associated with a lower risk of ovarian cancer. It is important to eat a wide range of RAW vegetables and all you need to do is eat 5 servings a day. Eating the correct amount of vegetables every day will reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type II diabetes, and some types of cancer. Fresh vegetable also decrease the incidence of high blood pressure, diverticulosis, pulmonary disease, bronchitis, asthma, osteoporosis, and diabetes.


“And bread which strengtheneth man’s heart” Pslalms 104:15. The bible teaches us that bread use to strengthen the heart. The bran and germ in the wheat contain nutritional oils and vitamins, these been; vitamin E, lecithin and omega 3 fatty acids. Now days these important elements have been removed for industry purposes and bread is packed with preservatives to allow the bread to last much longer, thus the creation of white bread. So avoid white bread/pastas when possible and consume wholemeal bread and pastas packed with healthy oils and vitamins. The fiber in wholemeal bread also helps to naturally drop sugar levels in your body.


Water is required for digesting food, getting rid of various toxins in the form of urine, sweat and fecal matter. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as Haematopaises. Water helps to Lubricates joints. It Transports nutrients and is present in blood as the carrier of oxygen and nutrients to all our body cells. Water present in lymph (a fluid that is part of our immune system) helps the body to fight against various diseases. It helps to regulate and maintain body temperature and prevents dehydration and thus, helps to maintain proper metabolism in our body. Drinking regular water can lower blood pressure, helps to stop the clotting of blood and reduces kidney malfunction. Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies the human body. Every morning, withing 30 minutes drink 1.5 Liters of water, e.i. 5 – 6 glasses. Approximately an hour later have your big breakfast. During the day drink enough water and fruit juices frequently to replenish hydration.

It is recommended that we filter tap water. Many counties’ tap water contains Chlorine and Fluoride. Did you know these are very toxic to the body. Fluoride especially has a higher toxin rating that Lead. Fluoridation of drinking water violates the rights of individuals and families to free choice and informed consent. The science that supposedly shows fluoridation to be beneficial is very flimsy, while there is much evidence to indicate that it is a health hazard. If fluoride helps teeth at all it is by application to the outside surfaces of the teeth only, not by ingestion. Fluoride accumulates in the body, and many of the side effects are long term, developing over many years. Children are at higher risk. 23 studies over the last 15 years show impairment of brain development, IQ, when consuming fluoride in drinking water.

The best filtration choice is a high quality activated carbon filter. Although activated carbon is not normally recommended for fluoride reduction, it is known that under the right conditions carbon does remove some of the fluoride from tap water. And even if fluoride removal is minimal, carbon filtration makes significant other improvements by removing chlorine, chloramines, the by-products of chlorination, and chemicals in general. Unfortunately we must filter tap water at our own expense to get its maximum health benefits to avoid these harmful chemicals from entering our bodies.


It is important to maintain an alkaline state in the body and this is becoming more widely accepted as research points to the benefits. Generally speaking, the body has a pH of about 7.4, or slightly alkaline. Many of the bacteria and other organisms that would harm the body are unable to survive in this alkaline environment. Today’s life style contributes to a very large acid load on our bodies mostly because of our poor diet. Around 90% of the adult population is acidic. An unhealthy diet consisting of meat, dairy products, smoking, alcohol and coffee contributes to an increase acid load in the body. To protect your self your body naturally creates calcium carbonate to nutralise this acid load. Fat loss is extremely difficult in acidic bodies since the body protects its vital organs by transporting excess acids into the fat cells. An acid load effects the blood stream by weakening red blood charge created then to clogs together and die. Dead red blood cells release even more acid to the system. This reduces oxygen transfer in the blood vessels starving your body of energy. Supplying the body with alkaline liquids will greatly help reduce bone density loss and help maintain your body at an appropriate pH. Keeping your body acid free improves your natural energy levels and keep your organs healthy.

Some great common alkaline drinks are; lemons and lime juices, pineapple juice, chlorophyll, apple cider and mushroom vinegar. Apple cider is known to clean blood vessels, balance high cholesterol, cure skin conditions such as acne, protects against food poisoning, fights allergies in both humans and animals, prevent muscle fatigue after exercise, strengthens the immune system, increase stamina, increase metabolism which promotes weight loss, improve digestion and cures constipation, alleviates symptoms of arthritis, prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections. It should be taken by mixing a tea spoon of vinegar with ½ a glass of warm water a few times a day before meals.

Chlorophyll tastes great, is very refreshing and hydrating. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout our body. It is vital for the body’s rapid assimilation of amino acids. Chlorophyll has an anti-bacterial effect on wounds, and an anti-yeast effect in the digestive tract. It appears to counteract many toxins in the body. It has the effect of reducing inflammation, thus it can be used to help counteract the effects of arthritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, sore throats, and other inflammatory conditions. It builds blood – after all, it is almost identical to hemoglobin; it helps promote intestinal flora and assists liver cleansing. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other element. Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healer. Science has proven that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria. Chlorophyll rebuilds the bloodstream. Studies of various animals have shown chlorophyll to be free of any toxic reaction. The red cell count was returned to normal within 4 to 5 days of the administration of chlorophyll, even in those animals, which were known to be extremely anemic or low in red cell, count. Liquid chlorophyll gets into the tissues, refines them and makes them over. It is a superior detoxification agent compared to carrot juice and other fruits and vegetables. Liquid chlorophyll washes drug deposits from the body. It neutralizes toxins in the body, helps purify the liver and improves blood sugar problems.


Herbal medicine uses plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, and flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbal medicine treats many conditions, such as asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, menopausal symptoms, common colds, tendon damage, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome, among others. Herbal supplements are best taken under the guidance of a trained herbalists or traditional Chinese doctors. Taking Chinese herbal medicine regularly, helps to build and normalise imbalanced energy, or Chi energy, that runs through invisible meridians in the body. Balancing your Chi helps to regulate the correct quality and amount of energy through the five major organs keeping them working strongly and correctly in sync. Herbal medicines strongly promote detoxification of the body keeping all organs clean and since all individuals suffer from different dis-ease’s, prescribed herbal medicine is specific to ones individual’s needs and targets those organs and energy meridians that require more attention.

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