Proof of Noah’s Flood

Several years ago I visited the small opal mining town called Coober Pedy, It’s approx 230 miles from the nearest ocean.


It was an exciting experience mining for opals in deep mines. The “experts” will tell you it takes millions of years for opal to form, but some of us know better. Every where you walked you could find small opal rocks and very small thin pieces of opal sea shells along the ground which was very strange.


While down there friends took me to a place called the breakaways which is an area of small mountains about 10 miles out of town.



Along the ground every 20-50 meters there were large clusters of fossilized sea shells (in the closed position). What on earth were they doing here almost in the middle of Australia, next to a desert? The locals explained millions of years ago the sea ran through this area, and since then they have dried up leaving evidence of this ocean. At the time it was believable. I wish I knew then what I did now about Noah’s universal flood.

A lot of these fossils where formed within small rock structures, how amazing.

To find fossil sea shells so far out from sea, in the closed position is evidence that the entire of Australia was once covered by ocean. Proof to me Noah’s flood did exist and did cover the entire earth.

Photos of my fossilized sea shells found at the Breakaways f2



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  1. Benjamin Statham says on :

    You are indeed a very brainwashed individual if you can accept that even a massive vessel could support two of every creature on the planet. Not to mention how such creatures could navigate Oceans and Continents to reach this vessel. I will be suprised if this comment gets published as any threat to your beliefs is quickly hidden and ignored as is the custom of young Earth creationists.

  2. admin says on :

    Thanks for your comment.
    I think there are many common misunderstandings about the flood in the days of Noah.

    First of all the ark was not suppose to support two of “every” creature on the planet, read your Bible more carefully. points out:

    “God told Noah to bring two of each kind (seven pairs of some), not of each species or variety. Noah had only two of the dog kind, which would include the wolves, coyotes, foxes, mutts, etc. The kind grouping is probably closer to our modern family division in taxonomy. The idea that the Ark would need millions of animals on-board, because there are millions of species, can therefore be seen to be incorrect.”

    “Only land-dwelling, air-breathing animals had to be included on the ark (Gen. 7:15, “in which is the breath of life,” 7:22). Noah did not need to bring all the thousands of insect varieties. Invertebrates can be shown to survive flooding, often by using floating vegetation mats.”

    “Even using the small 18-inch cubit (someone that is a height of 6-ft. 1-in. has a 21-in. cubit) the ark was large enough to hold all the required animals, people and food with room to spare.” states:

    “Based on the information contained in the Bible, it has been calculated that approximately 16,000 animals were on the ark. The numbers mentioned in the Bible refer only to ‘kinds’ which are broader classifications than our present day species (on which sceptical estimates are based, hence the inflated figures usually arrived at).”

    You also make the presumption that animal types were very localised before that flood. Fossils of all sorts are found all over the continents. kangaroo fossils, for example, are found all around the world, clearly indicating that there is the strong possibility that the animals did not necessarily have to travel vast distances to find the ark.

    If you would like to learn more I suggest visiting

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